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Physical Therapy and Fitness Education Center
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A New model of Fitness Education:

Instructor Molly Jarin is a licensed Physical Therapist offering over 20 years of combined fitness and physical therapy experience with holistic and healthy food practices

She shares her love of the human body in a unique model of fitness education
supporting overall life style balance, health and longevity

Small classes with 4 to 5 people using state of the art equipment can be utilized as a spring board
to an independent program, or for ongoing motivation and learning throughout the year. 

Consistency with your program is enjoyably maintained with the camaraderie that is developed within each class. 

6 and 10 week packages are avaiable to help people develop balanced and sustainable exercise habits. 




Testimonials from Pocket Gym members:

"I am reminded of the saying how you can give a starving person a fish for one meal, but if you teach him to fish you've given meals for a lifetime - that is what Molly does at the gym - she teaches, and gives you tools for caring for the body that can be used for a lifetime" - Robin, Ann Arbor, Mi

"Molly , to me, is a true body coach - nurturing your strengths and allowing you freedom to explore and be yourself "
- Linda, Milford, Mi

"Molly offers individual care and attention that helps me learn about my body and use of the exercise equipment more than I have ever learned at other gyms.  I noticed this learning after I had worked with Molly for several sessions, then needed to travel where I exercised at a hotel fitness center.  I used to feel intimidated entering a fitness center, "out of my league" regarding understanding the safe and effective use of the machines and the best (and most enjoyable) way for me to exercise with them.  However, this time I felt very comfortable, like I understood the "language" of the machines that were there, they were "familiar territory".  I knew how to create my own exercise protocol using the model I learned from Molly and could relate to the exercise equipment in a new and fun way, including machines I had never seen before.  I realized I now looked forward to entering a fitness center and it had become fun for me!  

- Marnie, Holistic Physician, Ann Arbor, MI

I have become much stronger physically and more aware of the messages my body is telling me on a day-to-day basis from playing at the Pocket Gym.  I find the whole atmosphere very supportive as a woman, very safe and comfortable, with Molly's kindness setting a lovely tone for exercising.  My motivation to continue exercising, building each week on my learnings of the previous week, remains high which I feel is reflective of the fun, supportive and educational space Molly provides.  Taking care of my body in this way is enjoyable, not something I "should" do, which is wonderful to feel especially in a gym setting!"

- Marnie, Holistic Physician, Ann Arbor, MI

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